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Embroidery Essentials

by sewing Mastery

An Online Embroidery Machine Mastery Course

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Welcome to a unique embroidery journey to help you master your embroidery machine while learning 15 different embroidery design techniques. This online course, hosted by Sara Snuggerud of, is over 3 1/2 hours of in-depth embroidery knowledge with step-by-step instructions for every embroidery technique. By completing each embroidery technique we guarantee that you will have worked through more areas of your embroidery machine than most embroidery machine owners. The repetition of these specific techniques throughout this online course will solidify the knowledge you learn for ease of your own future embroidery projects.


Enrollment in the Embroidery Essentials online course offers LIFETIME membership to all lessons, videos, handouts, embroidery designs and support. 

“I’m now the BOSS of my own embroidery machine.”

This fast-track embroidery mastery series is 12 lessons with 10 optional BONUS lessons totaling more than 5 hours of online education.

If you are truly ready to master your home embroidery machine, Embroidery Essentials is the online course for you!

This class is perfect for a brand new embroidery machine owner or an embroider who knows they are not using their embroidery machine to its fullest potential. We can take you from ZERO to HERO by having you repetitively completing different embroidery techniques. After completing the Embroidery Essentials Online Course we guarantee you will know and love your embroidery machine more than you ever thought possible.

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Embroidery Essentials Techniques include:

  • Free motion quilting
  • Trapunto
  • Folded fabric embroidery techniques
  • Confetti designs
  • Landscape designs
  • Free standing embroidery
  • Inserting a zipper
  • Cutwork
  • Lace embroidery designs
  • Shadow work
    …and more!

Open for all embroidery hoop sizes! Designs being used in the Embroidery Essentials class will even fit a 4” x 4” hoop!

Many of the techniques being taught in this class will complete this small wall hanging quilt. There will be a few other techniques you will embroider that will be separate from the shown project such as the free standing lace design, the zippered bag and the free standing embroidery design.

Developed by Anita Goodesign, a company that creates and sells embroidery designs and teaches embroidery techniques around the country, this embroidery curriculum is the most complete collection of simple designs to teach embroiders the techniques they feature throughout their design collections. After this class you can pick up any Anita Goodesign collection and know the technique being featured.

A Note From Sara:

When I first saw the concept of this embroidery curriculum, I was so excited! After teaching Embroidery Machine Mastery classes for over 20 years, this Embroidery Essentials Online Course really sums up what I hope each student will take the time to learn. Nothing is better than experiencing these techniques hands-on. These techniques show up in so many design collections by many different embroidery designers. Once you have tried each technique, the options are endless. Pick up any design collection and you will have a basic understanding of the embroidery techniques being featured and know what you are in for before you start!

“Take yourself from “ZERO to HERO” on your embroidery machine.”

Fast-track to mastering your embroidery machine.

Anita Goodesign has granted Sewing Mastery permission to share their original Anita’s Essentials Fundamental Curriculum of embroidery designs and handouts to students who are taking this online course.

The Embroidery Essential Online Course team is available to answer any and all embroidery related questions via e-mail or through the private “Embroidery Essentials Online Course” Facebook page.

Are you ready for an embroidery journey of a lifetime?

Embroidery Essentials Online Course:

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Sign up today and receive 10 BONUS lessons with OVER 90 additional minutes of embroidery education valued at $99!



  1. How to Design a Quilt Label for your quilt
  2. Dig Deeper into Stabilizers
  3. Master Threads & Needles
  4. Understand Embroidery Tension
  5. How to Make a Lined Zipper Bag
  6. How to Add Lettering to Zippered Bag
  7. Create Piping Hot Binding for the Best Pop of Color for any Quilt!
  8. Learn how to Turn the Embroidery Essentials Tile Block into Trapunto
  9. Learn how to Turn the Embroidery Essentials Tile Block into Shadow Work
  10. Experience How to Spray Paint an Embroidered Quilt


Embroidery Essentials Photo Gallery

We have had 100’s of students take this hands-on course at our store, Heirloom Creations in Sioux Falls, SD. Please enjoy some of the fabulous color combinations and layout variations we have seen throughout the years.

We have just uploaded a new photo galley with testimonials of students who have finished this course.